MedComNet 2020 accepted papers have been organized into thematic Sessions. Recorded papers presentations will be accessible independently, but we will have live discussion times for sessions and with keynote speakers. For the on-line program schedule, please visit this page.

Session 1: 5G and Beyond, from Energy Management to Global Scheduling and Performance Boost
  1. On the Use of Small Solar Panels and Small Batteries to Reduce the RAN Carbon Footprint
    A. P. da Silva, D. Renga, M. Meo, M. Ajmone Marsan
  2. Enabling RAN Slicing Through Carrier Aggregation in mmWave Cellular Networks
    M. Pagin, F. Agostini, T. Zugno, M. Polese, M. Zorzi
  3. Coping with Power Outages in Mobile Networks
    M. Meo, G. Vallero, E. Pristeri
  4. Towards an Optimal Management of the 5G Cloud-RAN Through a Spatio-Temporal Prediction of Users’ Dynamics
    A. Rago, P. Ventrella, G. Piro, G. Boggia, P. Dini
  5. RL-based Resource Allocation in mmWave 5G IAB Networks
    B. Zhang, F. Devoti, I. Filippini
  6. Smart Gateway Diversity Strategies for Q/V Feeder Links in SDN-Satellite Networks
    F. Davoli, T. De Cola, M. Marchese, M. Mongelli, F. Patrone
  7. Back to the Future: Towards Hardware “Netputing” Architectures
    G. Bianchi, M. Faltelli, V. Bruschi
Session 2: Security, Privacy and Network Protection
  1. A Model-Based Approach to Anomaly Detection Trading Detection Time and False Alarm Rate
    C. Goncalves, D. Menasché, A. Avritzer, N. Antunes, M. Vieira
  2. Network Anomaly Detection Based on Tensor Decomposition
    E. de Souza e Silva, A. Streit, G. Santos, R. Leão, D. Menasché, D. Towsley
  3. Accurate Detection of Sinkhole Attacks in IoT Networks Using Local Agents
    C. Ioannou, V. Vassiliou
  4. Towards Privacy Preserving Data Centric Super App
    F. Carvalho Ota, J. Meira, R. Frank, R. State
  5. One GPU to Snoop Them All: a Full-Band Bluetooth Low Energy Sniffer
    M. Cominelli, P. Patras, F. Gringoli
  6. Disconnection Attacks Against LoRaWAN 1.0.X ABP Devices
    G. Bernardinetti, F. Mancini, G. Bianchi
Session 3: Wireless LANs and MAC Optimization
  1. Polynomial Law: A Better Alternative to Binary Exponential Backoff
    L. Barletta, F. Borgonovo
  2. Energy-Constrained NOMA with Packet Diversity for Slotted Aloha Systems
    F. Babich, G. Buttazzoni, F. Vatta, M. Comisso
  3. Regulating Aggregation Level for Low Latency in 802.11Ac
    H. Hassani, F. Gringoli, D. Leith
  4. The Challenges of Scheduling and Resource Allocation in IEEE 802.11Ad
    S. Mohebi, M. Lecci, A. Zanella, M. Zorzi
  5. Beam Search Strategy for MillimeterWave Networks with Out-of-Band Input Data
    M. Rea, D. Giustiniano, G. Bielsa, D. D. Donno, J. Widmer
Session 4: Vehicular, Aerial and Community Networking
  1. Millimeter Wave Data Networking for Autonomous Vehicular Systems
    Y. Sunyoto, I. Rubin
  2. Multi-Layer Offloading at the Edge for Vehicular Networks
    F. Busacca, C. Cirino, G. Faraci, C. Grasso, S. Palazzo, G. Schembra
  3. Exploratory Study with 802.11Ad V2V Links
    A. Aguiar, A. Rodrigues, M. Mattos, B. Maurício, R. Meireles, P. Steenkiste
  4. SMURF: Reliable Multipath Routing in Flying Ad-Hoc Networks
    A. Deshpande, F. Chiariotti, A. Zanella
  5. NPART+: Improving Wireless Network Topology Generators with Data from the Real World
    L. Maccari, G. Gemmi
Special Session: Large Scale Measurement for Security. Organized by Prof. Edmundo da Sousa e Silva
  1. Implications of User Perceived Page Load Time Multi-Modality on Web QoE Measurement
    F. Salutari, D. Da Hora, M. Varvello, R. Teixeira, V. Christophides, D. Rossi
  2. Identifying Common Periodicities in Mobile Service Demands with Spectral Analysis
    C. Marquez, M. Gramaglia, M. Fiore, A. Banchs, Z. Smoreda
  3. Design and Management of the TouSIX IXP
    P. Owezarski
  4. Sensing the Noise: Uncovering Communities in Darknet Traffic
    F. Soro, M. Allegretta, I. Drago, M. Mellia, L. Bertholdo